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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Is it spring yet?

Last week was a rough one at our house, Dennis and I were both sick early in the week and he wasn’t feeling up to snuff throughout the rest of the week.  By Tuesday evening the fever was down and when he asked permission to remove the railing from the basement stairs, I decided he was well enough to go to school the following day.  Off to school he went, but the notes I received from the teacher each evening indicated that Mr. Personality might not have been up to his usual charming self.

On Wednesday, the teacher reported him as “wild” and not a good listener.  Thursday’s report was that he had shoved another student to the floor.  Upon cross examination, the defendant reported that the victim has said that he wanted to be a cat and that the action was justified because “We not like cats. So I pushed him.”  Not being a big fan of felines, I respect his point of view, but we had a long talk about not judging someone’s ideas and never inflicting injury.  When I picked him up from school on Friday, the teacher reported that when it was time to line up and leave the library, my son had leapt into a canoe that was part of a display and attempted to paddle away.  I’m hoping the teacher had a few glasses of wine on our behalf this weekend; although I did have a couple of extras just in case.

If all that wasn’t enough, Dennis received an invitation to a birthday party which he refused to attend because “That kid yells a lot and I think we can go to the beach instead.”  During the course of the weekend, any time we asked Dennis question, he replied “No, I wanna go to the beach and build sand castles.”

It’s been a long first winter in America.

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