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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Valentines Day with AC/DC???

This year for Christmas, Dave and I bought tickets to see a band we’d both always wanted to see instead of exchanging gifts. Those tickets were for AC/DC in Melbourne on February 13th.

For those who didn’t know – AC/DC is an Australian band and they are just finishing the Black Ice world tour. It was an additional treat to see this iconic rock band on their home turf.

They did three shows in Melbourne to a sold out crowd each night of 60,000. The only complaint was that the city wouldn’t let them stadium open the retractable roof. The sound would have been better and the smoke from the pyrotechnics would have cleared with the roof open.

It’s been a couple of decades since the last time I went to a rock concert, so I don’t have a lot to compare their performance with, but I can say AC/DC can still ROCK!!!

Here’s proof – Just don’t judge the band by this video shot with my pocket camera.
In addition to a concert of a legendary rock band, we ate some amazing meals. One of which was at the Rockpool. It’s called a bar & grill but it’s a white linen table cloth sort of place that served me one of the best streaks I’ve eaten. All of their beef is dry aged for 36 MONTHS! Melt in your mouth barely begins to describe those tasty morsels.

On Sunday, we wandered the city markets and grazed on some great local Greek food. The Queen Victoria Markets have all the usual flea market kind of junk and farmers market plus there is permanent building full of ethnic delis, fish markets and butcher shops. I just had to share a couple of pictures meat section.

Those are King Prawns for $8.40 per pound. When you factor in the exchange rate it's less than $8.00 for some BIG fresh shrimp - That's why they throw so many on the barbie down here.

These are blue crabs. I just loved the way they were stacked.

Just couldn't resist snapping a picture of all the lamb cuts for my friend Kim.
That afternoon we went to see the Jersey Boys musical. With Dave being a New Jersey native he can be a bit judgmental about fake jersey accents. He gave the Aussie actors an A+. The music was great and I must echo Dave’s A+ grade of the show overall.

We finished of the weekend with a romantic Valentine dinner at the Blue Stone restaurant. It was a lovely dining experience and my darling husband got extra points by taking advantage of the restaurants partnership with a local florist and had a bouquet of roses on the table for me.
In case you’re interested - you take a dozen roses through security in Australian airports.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Paula thanks for the lamb cuts shot! Waiting to see the pork ones next since I am in KC at the annual Pork Industry Forum!!!

(got elected to the nominating committee--next year we get to go to AZ!!!)