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Saturday, March 15, 2014

From the Back Seat

 On our 7 minute drive to school, I was listening to a news story on the radio that mentions the White House and from the back seat I hear......

D: “I see that white house”

Me:  “That’s not the White House they were talking about.”

D: “Where’s that white house she talk about?”

Me:  “It’s a special building in Washington DC, where the President of the United States lives.”

D:  “Have we been to his house?”

Me:  “You haven’t been there, but I was in the White House once, a long time ago.”

D:  “Are there Army guys there?”

Me:  “There are lots special guards there.”

D: “Do they have guns?”

Me:  “Yes, some of them have guns.”

D: “Did the guy that lives there come and talk to you.”

Me: “No, I did not get to talk to the President of the United States.”

D: “That not very polite.  You should talk to people when they come to your house. Is that right, Mom?”   

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