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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Things You Hear at the Dinner Table

There were many disjointed bits in the middle, but here’s a synopsis of tonight’s dinner conversation:
Dennis: “Mom, you know what’s been on my mind?”
Me: (thinking - there’s a loaded questions, if there ever was one) “No, what have you been thinking about.”
Dennis: “It is very windy today.”
Me: “You are right. It was very very windy day.”
Dennis: “It was, and today we not take our who whos outside in the wind.”
Dave’s chin was instantly buried in his chest. I laid my fork down in an effort not to drop it while containing the insane urge to giggle.
Me: “That certainly sounds like a sensible idea. What sort of who whos do you play with at school?” (sometimes, I can't stop myself)
Dennis: “The big round kind that you twirl around.”
I lost my ability to speak while holding back tears of laugher.
Dave: “Dennis, do you mean hula hoops?”
Dennis: “Yeah, that’s what I said. We not take our who whos outside in the wind, cause they will blow away today.”

That’s gonna be funny for a long time.

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