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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Voice From The Back Seat

D: "When you take Spruce for a walk, and he poops, how do you pick it up?"
Me: "Yes, responsible dog owner always pick up after their dogs. It's pretty gross, but I use a plastic bag on my hand to pick it up."
D: “If your pet is a cat, do you have to pick up its poop with your hands?”
Me: “Well, in the city, your have to train your cat to poop in a litter box and then you have to use a little shovel to scoop out the cat poop.”
D: “Do you have to pick from poop from a horse?”
Me: with a sigh “Well….if the horse lives outside in a pasture, you don’t have to, but if you horse is in a stall or small pasture, you might need to clean it up, but you get to use a tool with a long handle.”
D: “Can horses swim?”
Me: “Yes, they can swim.”
D: After a very long pause, “If you take your horse in deep water, does he need one of those special masks and that tube thing in this mouth?”
Me: While biting my cheek, “No, horses don’t need snorkel masks.”

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