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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Children are the reason we are crazy!

This picture has nothing to 
do with the post other than it 
is of the reason I am crazy.
As we were getting ready to head out the door to soccer this morning, I asked by darling child if he had brushed his teeth. After a long pause, he hesitantly said yes. As the mother of a seven year old, I know that most answered must be verified. My follow-up question was “If I feel your toothbrush, will it be wet?” This resulted in a big sigh, a hanging of the head, with a negative shaking motion.

Although he has been practicing his skills of deception lately, he is a horrible liar (thankfully!). I proceeded to pitch a bit of a fit about the fact that lying is not tolerated in this house. I will admit to getting a bit carried away with the topic and was possibly more dramatic that needed (maybe). I marched him into the bathroom and stood there like a drill sergeant, prepared to glare at him throughout the brushing. He reached for the tooth brush and touched the bristles. He turned to back to me with an enormous smile and said “Hey Mom, it’s wet, maybe I already brushed.”

And, that’s why my left eye was twitching before noon today.

My own mother often blamed my siblings and I for making her crazy and I always thought, she was just being irrational. I now get it entirely.

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