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Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday!

We met Dennis, just a week before his third birthday.  Instantly realizing that he was supposed to be our son, we found is incredibly difficult go home without him and without acknowledging his upcoming third birthday.  We arranged to leave some money for a birthday party and a disposable camera to record the event.  The changes in him in the past year are amazing.

Here he is in the first week of September of 2010.

 This is just a year later.

Earier this month we celebrated our son’s birthday. Although it was the fourth celebration of his birth, it was his first birthday as our son, as an American and in Australia.

Being a novice parent, I have no idea how to host a kid’s party and the idea of a large group of children makes me sick to my stomach. SO – I whipped up the normal party with our friends, invited three other families we know who happen to each have one have small child, checked out some big toys from the Toy Library, made a Cat in the Hat cake, built a Gak, chilled some wine and with the help of my adorable husband whipped up a double batch of pirojki nachinkoj iz mjasa.

The last item mentioned is a classic Russian food, which is basically a bread roll filled with any number of fillings. We made two versions, one with a cabbage and sauerkraut filling and the other was stuffed with a ground pork and beef combo. They were accompanied by a choice of horseradish or mustard sauces. Since over 2 dozen rolls were devoured in less than an hour, I think it is safe to same they were well received.

Here's a few shots from the day:

The Cat in the Hat cake was a BIG hit.

Every kid needs a Slip in Slide.

It's OK folks, it a toy and he always wears the goggles!

Check out those wranglers...and NO socks.

Mmmmm Good.

A round of Ring the Gak is good for all ages!

You gotta love a kid who's just as impressed with cards as he is gifts.

The birthday boy gets some hlep from Tom is assembling the shark hunting ship.

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Happy birthday Denis