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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Fan Club??????

The Alice Springs branch of the Dennis Shaw fan club is alive and well. It appears that I’m now just his minder. Everywhere I go now, people instantly ask “Where’s Dennis” and are clearly disappointed that he’s not with me.

The lady that cuts his hair and I use the same chiropractor. The last time we were there for an appointment, she happened to arrive while we were still in the waiting room and she sat down next to him read him a story. The chiropractor always offers Dennis a gummy worm and usually takes the time to have one himself and discuss the various colors and flavors with the little Russian.

Our local butcher shop keeps a bucket of candy hidden behind the counter as treats for well behaved little “customers”. Dennis has had his share of lollies there but he occasionally gets the special treat of a sausage stick and he likes those MUCH better than the candy.

The Russian is now attending Kindy, which is the Aussie equivalent of 3 year old pre-school, two mornings a week. The last activity of morning involves everyone sitting in a circle on a big rug while the teachers lead the little rug rats in some group songs. More often than not, my little Russian scam artist is snuggled up on the lap of one of the teachers, singing along with a big smile on his face.

Today while the munchkin was at Kindy, I ran a few errands and popped into Wicked Kneads bakery for a latte and the first words out of the lady behind the counter were not “Good morning, what can I get for you” they were “Where’s the little guy?. I explained that I was allowed out on my own while he was at Kindy. She was so sure that he’d feel neglected for missing a trip to the coffee shop; she gave me a free doughnut with multi-colored sprinkles to take home for him.

While in Adelaide last month for a bit of dental surgery, the 70’ish year old lady that also having day surgery slipped me her address and said if it wasn’t too much trouble she’d love to get an occasional update and the adorable little tyke.

His shameless flirting with flight attendants and winking at wait staff does pay off with excellent service, but I am left wondering just wonder how long it will be before women are tossing unmentionables his direction.

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I'd like to see some uniquely Australian food dishes.

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