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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Road Trip Begins

The car and I departed Alice Springs on the afternoon of Sunday 3 October.

I was traveling on the iconic Ghan train.

The trip to Adelaide takes about 22 hours which means overnight on the train.  After sunset, dinner was served in the dining car then passengers retired to their compartments.

After a night in Adelaide, I drove to 8 hours east Cohuna, Victoria to visit a friend from college.

On Wednesday evening I popped down to Melbourne to spend the night - pick up my partner in crime the next morning and heading to Bendigo, Victoria.

Bendigo was once a gold mining area.  The elaborate old buildings and this fountain the center of town are trade marks of the area. 

 We stayed in an wonderful vintage cottage in the center of Bendigo. 

Art galleries were visited, gourmet food was eaten, purchases were made and a good time as had by all.


Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the claw foot tub!


Never a Dull Moment said...

The responses to your posts are SCARY!! But I do thoroughly enjoy your blog. I have sort-of started one, not as exotic, not exciting as yours, but we do still have your wallpaper in our kid's room!!!!

gogames2010.blogspot.com said...

the Bendigo area looks quite nice