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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Great Girls Road Trip of 2010

Two Midwestern farm girls on the road in Australia- this is one way to spell ADVENTURE. Within days of my friend Melanie booking her plane ticket to Australia the plans for our leisurely drive up the Great Ocean road has made a significant change.

Here’s how the plan looked in the beginning.
  • Paula and her car hop on the Ghan train and travel from Alice Springs to Adelaide then onto Melbourne.
  • Melanie flies from Minneapolis to Melbourne via LA.
  • The girls explore Melbourne then head west on the Great Ocean road, which is rated as one of the most scenic drives in the world. Then explore Adelaide before trekking up the Sturt Highway to Alice Springs.
On the first real planning phone call it’s decided that Melbourne is just another city and if you’ve seen one ocean, you’ve seen then all. SO – the duo is headed north from Melbourne for a 300 mile drive to Wagga Wagga, NSW for a tour of flour mill and a beef packing plant. Yep – you can give a farm girl a passport but you can’t make her a citified.

From Wagga Wagga, we’ll make a 570 mile drive across southern New South Wales to Adelaide. Then after a day to two of retail therapy we’ll drive the last 1000 miles to Alice Springs.

I feel an adventure coming on!

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