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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Stuff

Here's a few random images and thoughts from my world: 

This sign was at my local hardware store last month.

When monsoon winds follow 10 inches of rain, trees fall over. Sometimes they land on houses.
During our two weeks of rain, we all got tired of wet shoes. Our friend Tom joined the locals and gave up the fight for dry feet. Instead of having squishy socks he opted for flip flops.

I just have to show you a "postie bike" . 
This is how mail delivery occurs in Alice Springs

I recently ran across a recipe for roasted fish.  I bought a whole snapper yesterday with plans to cook it tomorrow.  The thing still has it's head and I couldn't handle the darned thing looking back out of my fridge at me.  I cover it's face with foil, so it couldn't eyeball me.

This traffic sign just went up outside of town. I'm not sure it's drawn to scale......

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