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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down Under Adventure

June 16
by Mitchel

Today was a rainy day, but that was alright. This morning we went to Manly Beach and to watch people surfing, there was many people trying, but few were really surfing. We took the ferry there and shortly took it back across the harbor because the beach isn’t much fun in the rain. We then had lunch at this really good place. Then it was back to the hotel and watched Australiuan Rules Football, Rugby and Cricket on TV while it rained some more. Later Ian, Dave, and I walked around Sydney checking out the different malls and things (Aunt Paula really wanted to be alone for a while). (For dinner they were brave enough to try Chinese food and even attempted chop sticks). We went back to the hotel and packed to go home. Overall it was really fun here in Sydney.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

You are doing a fine job in blogging. I hadn't checked the web lately as things have been fairly rugged at work the last 2 weeks and seeing how your adventure was going was a nice change of pace. Hope you can continue blogging. I'm sure IL would be fascinating to me through your eyes. Safe travels and way to train them in to the blog field Aunt Paula! kb

Laura McKenzie said...

Hi Paula,

Loved the blogging, pictures and adventures the boys shared. Sounds like they had a great time with Uncle Dave and Aunt Paula. :)

At your parents now - brought Mom down to chat with her brother for the day ... they haven't run out of things to say yet.

More later,

Anonymous said...

Aha...here's the picture I was talking about! Guess Dave is behind the camera. What a wonderful gift you gave the nephews. Mine arrive tomorrow and we'll be doing Niagra Falls. Some of your best pics yet.