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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Down Under Adventure Day 12

Day 12 - June 15
by Mithel

Well today was very fun. We first did a jet cruiser boat ride out on the harbor. It was only like 30 minutes long but was well worth it. Next we toured to Opera House which was also interesting. We heard the symphony practicing and they were really good.

Then we had lunch and then headed for the aquarium.
The aquarium was fun too.

They had every animal you could think of but the main thing was sharks. You could go to the underwater walkway and it felt like your right there with them.

Lastly we went up in the tower here in Sydney. It reminds me of the one is Seattle, Washington. The elevator ride was really pretty short and then once you got up there, you were free to walk around and check out the view. We were up there as the sun went down so it made the view that much better.

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