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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another First Ticked Off The List

We leave on vacation tomorrow and I’ve been busy this week prepping, cleaning, sorting and packing. Yesterday Dennis got a haircut and because it hadn’t been lying quite right, I had the barber set the clippers to 3 and go to town.  Today we just came home from visit #2 to the barbershop.

When he and I sat down to eat lunch I noticed a big weird notch cut into the front of his already short hair.  I kept thinking how did I not notice that yesterday????  SO off to the barber shop we went.  I wasn’t upset with the barber because Dennis is a little boy with short hair and I wasn’t completely convinced that she was the culprit.  When we came in the door, I told her we just needed a quick touch up and when Dennis hopped up in the chair, the looked at his hair and said, “If I’d done this it would have been better camouflaged.”  I assured her that she wasn’t the primary suspect.  While she was trying to blend in the notch into the inch long hair, the barber quizzed him about any creative cutting he may have been involved in or subject too.  All she got was the every cheeky smile and "I don't know" response.

On the way home I continued the interrogation in a happy cheerful manner and halfway home he fessed up to trimming his own hair.  We then discussed barber SCHOOL and that mommy and barbers (especially those who hand out candy) don’t like it when little boys cut their own hair.

The upside is that it won't be in his eyes any time soon and we had the family photo taken last weekend!

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