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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Friends the Parrot Family

We are happy to have a family of Australian Ringneck (aka – Port Lincoln) parrots come to our house every afternoon for a bit of grazing and the occasional dip in the birdbath.  They are enchanting creatures that give us hours of amazement.

They are quite shy and it took multiple attempts at photographing them before they decided to tolerate my presence as long as I didn’t get to close.  The lack of my noisy side kick that afternoon may have played a part in their decision.  I’ve always been fascinated by parrots and living in a place that has so many different species of wild parrots is a pretty special.

This is one of the babies.  It can fly but doesn't have a full set of tail feathers yet.

The whole family

In addition to the photos, I’m including a movie of one of my little buddies taking a bath.  I apologize in advance because it’s over seven minutes long, as well as my lack of cinematography skills and the dirty living room windows, through which it was shot, but if you have any affinity for birds or just need a mental break, go ahead and check it out.

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