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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trick Treat

The concentration of Americans in Alice Springs throughout the past 40 years has left an indelible imprint on the culture of the town. One of the most visible is the flagrant celebration of the American holiday of Halloween.

There are costume parties all over town and a BIG family Halloween party put on by the super secret place we can’t mention, also known as JDFPG. Kids of all nationalities take part in trick or treating and our Russian was no exception.

This time of the year in the desert is generally hot and nearly always dry. That was the case on the Saturday before Halloween. The afternoon of the big party, we spent time finding the lightest weight, coolest clothing for Dennis to wear under his costume.

Just 24 hours later the temperature had dropped drastically and the storm clouds rolled in. It rained on and off that day and by evening it was a torrential downpour. Our first trick or treating adventure as a family was certainly memorable and Dennis LOVED every soggy moment of it.

We visited less than a dozen houses and all three of us were soaked to the skin. Despite our rain coats and umbrellas our shoes were squishy and the Cat in the Hat looked like a drowned rat. Oblivious to the weather, Dennis skipped down the sidewalk, jumping in puddles. He cheerfully yelled “Trick Treat” at each house and after receiving candy called out “Thank you –Welcome!” Every time we walked away from a house, Dennis would say to his bedraggled mother and sighing father “Not done, no car.” He was pretty bummed when we called it a night.

There are no pictures of the drowned cat from that night be here are so shots of the Cat in the Hat at the Halloween party.

No party in the Outback without inviting a few of the locals to join in.
Cat in the Hat and Minnie Mouse are getting to know Mrs. Lizard.

 He was way more interested in petting the python than I was.

 Cats are VERY good at jumping.

The Russian experienced his first corndog at the event and he enjoyed every last morsel.

The remote control spider was the favorite of the day.

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