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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

School Days

Dennis started pre-school a few weeks ago. He’s only attending one morning a week right now and loves every minute of it. The only point of contention we have is that he doesn’t get to ride the school bus. Every week we have a breakfast time discussion about going to school that day, and being the little gear head that he is, the question of transportation ALWAYS arises. The answers always the same “There’s no bus for your school buddy. Mommy will take you in the car.” He’s not happy about this answer. “No school bus” comes up often in our conversations throughout the week and recently I even overheard a song he was singing to his stuff animals that included the refrain “NO school bus”. 

Dennis on his first day at school

Today’s breakfast chat took a slightly different angle. It went something like this:

PAULA: “Come on Dennis, keep eating. You have school today.”

DENNIS: “School bus?”

PAULA: “No bus. I’m sorry, but there isn’t a bus for your school. I’ll take you in the car like always.

DENNIS: “Mommy car. Dennis, plane.”

PAULA:.. Big Sigh. Head in hand.

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