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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I will miss about Russia:
  • Caviar on the breakfast buffet
  • The availability of alcohol at ALL restaurants
  • Caviar filled crepes at fast food restaurants
  • Twice a day maid service that includes washing the dirty dishes
  • Caviar with scrambled eggs
  • Vodka and Cranberry juice being WIDELY available
  • Ice sculptures
  • Fresh bread
  • Caviar with smoked salmon
  • Borsht
  • Fish soup
  • Caviar on buttered bread
  • Restaurants that serve breakfast from 10am to 3pm and start happy hour at 4pm with every third drink being free

Things I won’t miss about being in Russia:

  • The inability to read the labels in the grocery store
  • The inability to read street signs
  • Not being able to see the sun
  • The subfreezing temperatures
  • Being trapped in a huge city with TOO MANY other people
  • The fact that ice sculptures decorate the city for several months of the year
  • The lack of good beef on the menu
  • Living in a hotel
  • The 2 pair of jeans and 6 shirts I’ve been wearing since the 22nd of December
  • Having to discover how each and every faucet is plumbed. – OK, you always have a 50/50 chance but I relish in the certainty that cold is to the right and hot to the left.
  • Starched bed sheets
  • Seeing the sun on only 4 of the past 48 days




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