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Monday, July 19, 2010

This calls for vodka!

Growing up in the Midwest, I have many memories of having bushels, bags and boxes of excess produce. Anyone with a garden in that part of the world has experienced the dilemma of zucchinis “coming out of their ears”.

Living in the tropical desert, we don’t have zucchini plagues, because we don’t have soil or consistent rain. We do however have the correct conditions for citrus production and it appears that the “out the ears” dilemma extends to these crops as well. Friends of ours were coming over for dinner last weekend. Since they have orange and lemon trees at their house, I asked them to bring along a couple of fresh lemons. When I requested two, she said “four is not a problem”.

They arrived at our door with two bags of fruit with the explanation that there was a 10 lemon minimum order and with every order of lemons, customers got 12 free oranges.  It's a bit like leaving your car windows down in the my home town only to hop in and discovering a back seat full of zuccinis.

Looks like our vitamin C needs are covered for a while. (The fruit on the left are called bush lemons. They look a bit like oranges but are in fact huge sweet tangy lemons.)

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Anonymous said...

Making Lemoncello again soon?