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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My friend Carlos

Just had to share the write up below with you. It's from the Woodstock Winery's newsletter. I visited Woodstock last year and was excited to see Carols sitting way up in the top of a Gum tree. It appears that he is in a sociable phase right now. I tried to lift the photo out of the newsletter, but they had it locked.

This photo is from my visit.

Guess who called in this morning looking for a little drink?
Parking himself just outside the Cellar Door, greeting guests on their way to our Coterie Restaurant this morning is Carlos, our resident koala. A couple of weeks ago, he toddled through our courtyard saying G'day to dining patrons then perching himself on a tree to watch our chefs cooking up wood-oven pizzas… not hungry… maybe a little thirsty, but really just taking it all in.
For those of you who find yourselves in the Vale on Thursday or Friday evenings, pop in and check out our Woodstock Pizza Nights from 6pm - 10pm in the courtyard. $35 per head includes a little starter, gourmet pizzas and something sweet to finish. You never know who might be around.

If any of you ever encounter Woodstock Wines from the McLaren Vale - by all means indulge!


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