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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A lazy weekend

I’ve recovered from the great nephew adventure, caught up on my sleep and the laundry, and restocked the cupboards so it’s time to find basic routine again.

We spent the weekend just futzing around and it was GREAT! On Saturday I rode my bike to a Weight Watchers meeting then to the YMCA for a yoga class. (It’s great to live in a flat place with paved bike paths). We had ordered fresh oysters from the local footy club again and Dave whipped up grilled oysters with mango pico de gallo. (The recipe was posted after our last oyster eating frenzy) We didn’t bother with any other toppings this time. We tossed together a Greek salad, warmed up a loaf of crusty bread, opened a nice bottle of wine and proceeded to eat 3 dozen grilled oysters. Good Stuff!

After sleeping in and a leisurely breakfast, I conned Dave into attending the Beanie Festival with me. I had to agree to bike over to the festival AND promise him a piece cake at the festival. It’s almost 6 miles round trip so the cake shouldn’t harm the weight watchers efforts to much – right???
Dave was good sport (sort of) but I’m not sure what I’ll have to promise him to get him to the event next year.

Right now I’m sitting outside on the patio enjoying the warm winter sunshine. It’s a beautiful 75 degrees. I spent a bit of time in my poor neglected garden. The potted plants from the front got moved to the back for a bit more sun, roses have been trimmed and everybody got a big drink of Miracle Grow. I discovered a few late season limes and checked out our very confused passion fruit vine that recently decided to flower and set fruit. It’s exciting to have passion fruits but the blooming and fruiting process should have occurred about 4 months ago. Oh Well! Now I need to find recipes for passion fruit. I might try jelly. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

Dave does not look like he is going to try on a hat let alone wear one home!